Apply for Visa / MasterCard

Apply for Visa / MasterCard

How to apply for a Visa / Debit Mastercard in Zimbabwe

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The Structure of the Asante State:


The Asante was typically African in nature. It constituted a comparatively
small Metropolitan area under the direct control for the ruler (Asantehene).
In addition to the Metropolitan area, the under also controlled the
surrounding tributary states (provincial Asante) which retained their
political, cultural and religious beliefs. They were however required to pay
substantial tribute in gold, slaves, cattle, agricultural products and military service.
How does a ruler maintain the system of tributary states? How does he keep
them loyal and preventing breaking and asserting their independence?
It is wrong to assume that because of the nature and structure of the State
that Asante was a in a perpetual state of disintegration and held together
purely by force. During the 19th century Asante was one of the most
powerful states on the West African coast and put up one of the strongest
resistance to the British intruders. Nevertheless its structure did imply that in
certain circumstances tributary chiefs may decide that their interests were
not being saved by reasserting their independence.

Trade in the Ndebele State:


There was little long distance trade in the Ndebele society. However a
system of interregional exchange existed between regions with different
resources for example iron, salt, guns and other important foreign goods
acquired by sending young men to work in mines south of the Limpopo
river. Whatever these youths brought was controlled by the King.

Trade in West African Pre-colonial states  


Long distance trade usually involved the export of labour and import of
European manufacturers. Long distance trade does not create states. Only
states strong enough and could take this trade benefited from it and
expanded their power.
How does a ruler control trade?
Rulers who could control major ports could control the traders who went
through their states for example in Asante and Dahomey. Furthermore rulers
who could control major trade routes were in a position to control trade in
general for example in Buganda. All trade was controlled through appointed
officials who made sure that all imported goods remained under the ruler‟s
control. This ensured no individual could get rich through trade and trade
How does control of trade increase the power of the state?
It gave the King the power to reward loyalty with rare luxury goods, his
ability to control the supply of guns and the army could suppress any
revolting chief. Trade also meant that the King was in a position to conquer
other states hence conquered those without guns.
The introduction of new crops of new crops brought and enabled the state to
feed large numbers of people more easily.
Trade and Independence:
Even in states where trading had contributed to its rise and expansion long
distance trade, where it was conducted with European traders, undermined
the state‟s economic position. For example Europeans controlled the sea and
African States wanted European goods. They were forced to trade with
European traders. They could not take their goods directly to European
traders who if they grew more powerful at the coast, they could easily
dictate the terms of trade tot eh Africans.
The goods that Africa exported were labour and new materials. These
contributed to capitalist development in Europe and further partly
contributed to the rise of the Industrial Revolution. The kind of goods
Africans imported did nothing to boost local industry. If anything local
industry declined. No African States in particular in West African could
refuse the supply of guns in return of whatever Europeans demanded. By the
late 19th Century therefore European traders were in a position to dictate the
terms of trade that is what African could supply. European technology was
far better advanced than African technology. African states had become
dependent on European manufacturers. This dependence did not affect
African states equally but gradually all of the  were weakened.