Causes / reasons / aims of the Berlin West Africa Congress

0512 Germany Africa

Because the acceleration of the partition of Africa since 1876 had threatened to get out of control and cause war between European powers. Bismarck called the conference to avoid such war.

The main decisions or agreements

4356857_orig lay guide lines for future annexations of African territory


2. the doctrine of effective occupation and the establishment of spheres of influence recognized by powers attending


3.guaranteed free navigation of the Niger and the Congo rivers


4.Commitment by the powers to end slavery



1.The first and second decisions speeded up the rate of partition as the powers strove to protect their spheres of influence and establish their claims to effective occupation.


2.Within 20 years most of Africa had lost its independence and its people were being exploited by the colonial powers.


3.Abolition of slavery for a long time remained an unfulfilled promise as forced labour, practiced by the colonial powers replaced it.




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